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Ananya Hegde


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​When she's not just trying to get through the day, Ananya is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles where she loves to perform stand-up when there's not a deadly little virus running around. She is a recent graduate from USC where she majored in Business and Cinematic Arts. She decided becoming a consultant or investment banker was probably not the best path for her because the questions she asked in class like "how would this work in a socialist society?" and "what do we think Marx would say about this?" were always met with lingering stares and silence, not only from the professor, but from the board-short-wearing boys of Phi Sig, but this is probably just because she was so wildly charismatic, or more likely, they'd never seen a brown girl before.


It was in college that she realized making people laugh was more effective than yelling at them to get her points across, so she decided to make a career out of it. Her parents are very proud of this use of her degree when they don't think about it too hard.

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