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Ariel Leigh Cicero

Editor, Writer

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I'm a three-careers kind of woman who wants to change the world through storytelling. They say that everyone has a role to play in the revolution. Mine is creating the diverse, layered, positive media that will inspire and empower kids like me. 


After graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2017, I have been working as a communications associate, videographer, and graphic designer in the non-profit sector - first at a college access program called Legal 

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Outreach and now with GLSEN, an organization which advocates for the rights of LGBTQIA students nationwide. I am one of the original members of CNT Productions, a diverse team of badass women committed to busting stereotypes in media. In the summer of 2018, we released the first season of the sketch comedy series "Not Your Type," on which I am co-editor and contributing writer. I am also an independent screenwriter and filmmaker.

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