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Isabel Pask


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Hello! I'm a New York-based, Texas-born actor with Puerto Rican roots. I hold a BFA in Acting and a minor in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, where I received the Elisabeth Orion Award for Classical Acting. During my time there, I also trained at the London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). Regionally I've worked with theatres such as Santa Cruz Shakespeare (CA), Chautauqua Theatre Company (NY), Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Art House Productions (NJ) and Quantum Theatre (PA).​


My passion for acting is fueled by my love of the world around me and the people in it; I am a voracious reader, a curious hiker, a spoken word artist, an advocate for inclusion and education, and a fiercely loyal friend, sister, and daughter. I am always sleuthing for miracles, both in the routine of each day and in the art I make and see. I want to tell stories worth telling.

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