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Kristen Smith

Logo Designer

  • Instagram

Nowadays, the needs of regular humans get lost among a sea of product features that nobody asked for and marketing jargon that no one understands. Enter: Kristen, a designer, mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur. Kristen uses this weird mix of skills to make sure that products are made for the actual humans that need to use them. Examples!​

  • A fancy automatic doorknob with "door-turning technology" isn't great if you can't actually open a door with it.

  • A company with hi-tech commercials doesn't need to exist if it's product doesn't actually provide any value to anyone.

  • A logo is no good if people can't use it to, y'know, remember the company it stands for.​

To find more of Kristen's ideas (some of which may be retracted as she develops as a human being and shakes her head at how wrong she was a decade ago) you can find her on the Instagram at @ideasbykristen or in real life sitting in a dim café while shopping online for snapbacks.

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