CNT is thrilled to announce that our upcoming project GYNO will be sponsored by SIMA STUDIOS! You can check out their website to see GYNO as a featured project. Stay tuned for updates and premiere dates! 


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Head over to Beyond the Commons to see our founders Ariel and Daryl representing CNT in Issue #9

Beyond the Commons

is an art and culture magazine powered by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community: "We work to explore and dissect topics that mean the most to us, and to

share art that empowers us."


And make sure you check out  VoyageATL and VoyageLA to read the full interviews with Ariel and Daryl.

NFFTY is the world’s largest and most influential film festival for emerging directors, showcasing work by filmmakers 24 and younger from around the globe.

We're excited to announce that Black Girl Poem  won the Audience Award for

Art in Motion

Co-CEO Ariel Zucker recently attended the Awareness Film Fest where Black Girl Poem screened. 

Watch her speak on the panel for Conscious Pitching, Creation, & Distribution!

Two of our spoken word projects "Black Girl Poem" and "Papi Runs" (from the series Open) have been accepted into some amazing film festivals! Check out each flyer below to learn more

Black Girl Poem copy(1)

Papi Runs

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