Rae Jordan

Chief Marketing Officer

Rae Jordan is a graduate of New York University, where she received a dual bachelors degree in Acting and Social/Cultural Analysis. Prior to her collegiate studies, she trained extensively in Pointe Ballet, modern, and jazz dance, as well as being a member of an internationally touring chamber choir (Atlanta Young Singers).


Her interest in the Arts started from a young age, as she participated in

school plays and church productions. She then began training in drama at the Alliance Theatre, and was accepted in DeKalb School of the Arts, a prestigious arts conservation high school in her hometown of Atlanta. Rae’s training also ventured overseas to Drama Center London and Actor’s Studio UK.


Eventually, her creative passions shifted from the stage to the screen. Training at Stonestreet Studios in New York, she soon landed a co-star role on the AMC hit “Halt and Catch Fire”, a lead role in “Fatal Attraction”, and even a commercial role alongside First Lady Michelle Obama. With her acting career on the rise, Rae moved to the Hollywood of the south: Atlanta. With her increasing recognition and social media presence, she now works towards increasing the audience of various brands, especially those highlighting veganism, mental health, people of color, and the queer community.

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