Ariel Zucker

Founder/Co-CEO, Executive Producer, Director, Editor, Writer

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Ariel Zucker is fascinated with epic and intimate stories, focused on the very real dramas that plague this world, and the humor that inevitably follows. She's invested in experimenting with varying mediums and values collaboration above all else. By day, Ariel assists grounbreaking female directors in Los Angeles and New York. By night, she directs, produces and writes. She is humbled and blessed to work with the women around her.

Just over a year ago, Ariel earned a B.F.A. in Directing from the John Wells Directing Program (and a minor in Business Administration) at Carnegie Mellon University. There she developed CNT Productions, a production company devoted to creating opportunities for women and POC in roles they don't typically see themselves in, both on and off screen.​ She negotiated an investment on behalf of CNT which allowed her to produce several shorts (one of which she directed, produced, shot and edited that won Best Music Video at Studio City Film Festival). From there she was able to launch the writers room for Not Your Type, a dark sketch comedy web series unlike any other. Every week, a collection of young, diverse writers align to create content they don't believe is represented in today's mainstream media. Her challenge and privilege is to make those works happen.

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