CNT Productions

CNT Productions pushes boundaries in the name of social justice. No topic is taboo; we strive to make the most difficult conversations digestible through humor, performing arts, and open discussion.

What began as a live sketch comedy show addressing politics, social issues, and pop culture at Carnegie Mellon University’s Playground Festival, evolved into a radio show and podcast. In the last year, CNT has grown into a video production company with CEOs Ariel Zucker and Daryl Paris Bright as the driving force behind this creative endeavor.

With a diverse group of contributors, we are comprised of a group of artists who write, act, dance, produce and direct works of poetry, comedy, and drama. There are now 25 artists spanning the country from New York to California sharing ideas and concepts that are relevant, engaging, and thought provoking.

We at CNT Productions strive to take unprecedented steps in storytelling. Let us push those boundaries with you.